welcome to my twisted neocities page

hi sorry if you all thought i died again

heres some death note art

and some misc art of a vampire girl whos from a story that i will not elaborate on because it is a thinly veiled cry for help


having a mental health chrysalis besties

okay site news: moved chatbox to sidebar cause i realized it was going to get buried under blog posts.

personal news: not doing well. idk like im really depresed the past few days and having some major self esteem issues. i really wish someone would like.. just give me a thousand dollars that could be dedicated to buying clothes that fit me. its hard finding clothes my size in thrift stores now cause im on the low end of the spectrum and when i do its not really the style that i would like. my style right now is just an uncoordinated mess. i just feel so ugly all the time.

however, i refuse to shop fast fashion, especially from places like shein, so like, thrift stores are really the only place to go.


new pages!

yesterday i got super focused and stayed up making pages. i started on a resources page but im mostly excited for the pages for oc content. finally, when someone asks about my ocs, i can just send them a link to it! how handy!

ive been in such a bad mood lately even though nothings really that wrong and like all things considered my life is on the upswing. who knows why. grrrr hiss boo grrrr.


welcome to prettygirldystopia 2.0!

i finally got around to revamping with my own theme. ive been studying html for a bit now and im pretty comfortable making a very basic layout from scratch now. i really like the theme i was using by cepheus but it was important to me that i start doing my own work, even if its a lot less cute!

so as always, this site is a work in progress. but it actually works on mobile now! i feel so bad for butchering cepheus's mobile friendly theme so much lol.